Xero – 3 Reasons Why Its Better Than A Spreadsheet!

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Xero - 3 Reasons Why Its Better Than A Spreadsheet!

We are a Xero Partner.

That means we have teamed up with the accounting software provider called Xero that offer a cloud-based solution for owner-managed businesses that we really love and recommend to everyone we meet.

We think it has lots of features that make it better than a spreadsheet.  Read on to find how our top tips can help you be even more productive!

What Are The Benefits Of XERO?

Xero comes with many benefits.

Lets remind ourselves what some of the main ones are:

Xero Is A Spreadsheet Killer

Xero Is A Spreadsheet Killer

  1. It is cloud-based and therefore can be accessed from anywhere;
  2. It has automatic bank feed capability. That means transactions from your bank account are automatically fed into the software without the need for you to tediously enter them manually;
  3. It automatically matches payments and receipts to purchase and sales invoices, saving you the task of manually matching receipts and payments to invoices;
  4. etc etc etc

See our full list of benefits which even after it was produced a few months ago, is already out of date and looking like we need to add many more!

Why Use A Spreadsheet?

What’s not to love about a spreadsheet? It's quick, easy and flexible. Input your data, add extra lines in, colour the background any thing you want and Bob’s your proverbial uncle!

Because they are so user-friendly, these number loving files have become the answer to many a problem.

From the first spreadsheets like VisiCalc in the late 1970s to modern equivalents like Excel, we have been recording statistics such as sales orders, in this way for decades.

Before you know it, there is not one part of your business that does not have a spreadsheet holding some important piece of information.

What Are The Benefits Of XERO Over A Spreadsheet?

But, despite all the ease, flexibility and computational power, there are certain drawbacks with spreadsheets that can have an impact on the modern business:

  • They can take minutes to create, but hours to maintain.
  • Access to the latest version can mean the time-consuming transfer of spreadsheet from person to person by email.
  • Transfer of spreadsheets by email means they can easily become error strewn, particularly if the wrong version of the spreadsheet is sent by mistake.

Ultimately, a spreadsheet can become a bottleneck for a growing business. What was once the quickest solution to your problem is now the thing that is slowing you down.

Despite previously being avid number-crunchers and staunch advocates of a good spreadsheet, the answer to these obstacles above is our favourite cloud accounting system, Xero and other add-ons.

Each time we see a client, we can easily spot other spreadsheets that are just waiting for a system.

Our Xero Spreadsheet Call To Action

Watch out for more top Xero tips from us in following blog posts.

Have you got a spreadsheet waiting for a system?.  You won't be disappointed by Xero.

Whether you replace your existing spreadsheets with Xero and leave spreadsheets behind completely (by taking advantage of Xero’s 500+ add-ons), you will have a proper system essential for today’s business.

Ease, speed and flexibility coupled with accessibility, reliability and scalability, helps your business work smarter and move forward to meet your its goals.  Using Xero gives you that constant access via the cloud and every device to the one truth about your business simply and effectively.

It is very easy to take the plunge to using Xero and give up your spreadsheets.  Do it and you will get even more benefit and generate more cash from our favourite accounting tool.

If you know of any other reasons or examples why a spreadsheet can be replaced by the functionality of Xero that can be shared with our readers, then let us know via the comments or through LinkedIn.

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