Xero – 3 More Great Tips To Tidy Up Your Online Account!

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Xero - 3 More Great Tips To Tidy Up Your Account!

We are a Xero Partner.

That means we have teamed up with the accounting software provider called Xero that offer a cloud-based solution for owner-managed businesses that we really love and recommend to everyone we meet.


Xero comes with many benefits, some of the main ones which are:

Xero - 3 More Great Tips To Improve Your Productivity!

Xero - 3 More Great Tips To Improve Your Productivity!

  1. It is cloud-based and therefore can be accessed from anywhere;
  2. It has automatic bank feed capability. That means transactions from your bank account are automatically fed into the software without the need for you to tediously enter them manually;
  3. It automatically matches payments and receipts to purchase and sales invoices, saving you the task of manually matching receipts and payments to invoices;
  4. If you send out regular invoices each month to the same client for the same amount and service you can automate your invoicing to them, saving time manually entering the same invoice each month;
  5. etc etc etc

See our full list of benefits which even after it was produced a few months ago, is already out of date and looking like we need to add many more!

Our Xero Tidy-Up Top Tips

So you have been using Xero now for a few weeks, months or years.  What can you do to make your life easier and be more productive with this is amazing tool.

Here are 3 more top tips from us for getting even more from Xero that you will not come across from normal use:

Outstanding invoices - Have you got on top of the people who owe you money?  Now is a good time to review outstanding invoices and send statements to chase them up.

Xero will generate a statement to show you either the activity over a period or just the outstanding invoices.  This can either be emailed directly from Xero or a pdf can be printed.

You can decide to send these statements to individual or multiple contacts simply by selecting them through the Contacts menu.

Outstanding items - Got old items in your long list of bank account transactions that are not being reconciled in a timely manner?  All you do is run a bank reconciliation report from the "Manage Account" drop down menu and check for any old items such as cheques that have not being cleared.  So you can chase them up for reissue or cancellation.

Bank Rules - Are you using bank rules?  Now is a good time to set up or review any bank rules you have set up to help you reconcile your bank accounts.

These are really helpful and will save you a lot of time.  Bank rules can be set up for all sorts of items like bank interest or direct debits where the bill has not been already entered into the system.  If you take time to set them up properly so that the correct transactions are identified, then they work by themselves as if by magic.  Set up is easy through the reconcile tab of the bank account section.  Experiment to see how powerful they can be and don't be limited by your imagination.

Our Xero Account Tidy-Up Call To Action

Watch out for more top Xero tips from us in following blog posts.

Try all the top tips above.  You won't be disappointed.

They are very easy to do, and you will get even more benefit and productivity from our favourite accounting tool.

If you know of any other tips which really work for tidying up or making you more productive with your Xero account, and that can be shared with our readers then let us know via the comments or through LinkedIn.

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