Business Planning

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What Are Our Business Planning Services

At PJW Accounting Services we are proud to be a Xero Certified Partner and Staffordshire's leading tax advisor for small companies across the region.

Our ability to save you both time on your accounting activities and ensuring you never "leave a tip with the taxman" is something that we people know us for and rightly so.

Now that we have save you time and money, how can help you do even better in the future.  This is where our business planning services come into action.

So what do we do:

  • Provide advice on networking and social media to help their marketing so that our clients get even more leads, opportunities and sales based on our phenomenal success using these techniques (based on our own mentoring from Conspicuous-CBM).
  • Helping you use Xero to get timely financial and management accounting information using the vast range of built-in reports.
  • Keeping you legal with all those pesky deadlines imposed on you by the taxman and the registrar of companies.
  • Help you plan your growth and ensuring your capital requirements are fully met with the vast range of providers out there in the market including the banks via cash-flow projections etc.
  • Provide feedback on your business performance with proper actions helping you be leaner, grow faster and be more successful.
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