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Online Company Car Alterations

Online Company Car Alterations & Their Pitfalls It has been reported that online Company car alterations for drivers will be introduced. The Taxman has started an online trial to that end.  We think this is a very good idea, in principle, but the correct framework is going to have to be carefully considered and put in place…
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The New RTI Penalty Regime

The New RTI Penalty Regime You might have noticed the the Taxman has gone penalty-crazy over the last few years, levying fines for the late submission of all kinds of obscure forms, frequently adding insult to injury by charging daily penalties for continued non-compliance.     Therefore, you might be interested, but not surprised, to…
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New Statutory Rates 2015/16 Announced

Statutory rates 2015/16 New Statutory Rates 2015/16 Announced In December 2014 the proposed statutory rates 2015/16 were published. Although they are subject to approval, it’s highly unlikely they will be changed so you can start planning now. So what are the changes? Statutory sick pay (SSP). The rate of pay will be £88.45 p.w. (increased…
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