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Xero - A quick overview

What is Xero?

We are a Xero Partner.  That means we have teamed up with an accounting software provider called Xero that offer a cloud-based solution for owner-managed businesses.  

What are the benefits of Xero?

Xero comes with the following benefits :-

  1. It is cloud-based and therefore can be accessed from anywhere;
  2. It has automatic bank feed capability.  That means transactions from your bank account are automatically fed into the software without the need for you to tediously enter them manually;
  3. It automatically matches payments and receipts to purchase and sales invoices, saving you the task of manually matching receipts and payments to invoices;
  4. If you send out regular invoices each month to the same client for the same amount and service you can automate your invoicing to them, saving time manually entering the same invoice each month;
  5. The automation built into the software will dramatically cut down the time you spend on your bookkeeping, leaving you more time make money in your business;
  6. It produces elegant-looking invoices which can be e-mailed direct to your clients.  The system will even tell you whether your customer has clicked on the attachment to view their invoice;
  7. It is simple to use and understand;
  8. Support is available 24/7 at no extra cost;
  9. You can scan/photocopy/take a picture of all your invoices and upload them to Xero, meaning you can throw away all those receipts and go paperless!;
  10. Both you and your adviser will have access to your records, meaning they can work more closely with you;
  11. Your data is automatically securely backed-up;
  12. Provided you regularly update you bank feed your information will be constantly up-to-date making your management information more useful;
  13. There are a host of useful add-on services, such as debt collection, receipt management and payroll, you can subscribe to to help manage your business at a very low cost;
  14. There is a free Xero app you can download for your smartphone which will enable to keep up to date with your finances on-the-go;
  15. The software is fully integratible with CRM software such as Capsule;
  16. There are packages from £2/month up to £25/month depending on how complex your business is, making it affordable to all.

We use Xero for our own accounting and since switching from Quickbooks, and before that Sage, we have never looked back.  All the above are not from promotional blurb we have been supplied with by Xero, they are our opinions on how we have found the software compared with other products on the market.

To try the software for free for 30 days use this link and find out the benefits for yourself.

Videos showing you how Xero works

However, Xero have produced their own short demonstration video which also explains how you can save time with the Xero mobile app.  It is well worth viewing :-

Xero Touch: The mobile app for Xero accounting software from Xero Limited on Vimeo.

You can also see a demonstration of the automation for the bank and invoicing on this quick video.

Xero - Beautiful accounting software for small business from Xero Limited on Vimeo.

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